Fortune Frames Ltd Logo

FTFrames Ltd is a film and media company that was formed in the UK during 2011. Its founding members were brought together by a shared inspiration to foster opportunities for artists and the public to develop their creativity by engaging them in projects designed to encourage the diversity of self expression.

The company's extensive knowledge and experience within the film industry is augmented by a diverse set of skills which include web/graphic design, performance art, game design and social media marketing. They use these skills in order to create their own distinctive style of interactive film production.

In essence film is a sequence of sounds and moving images, but when combined with passion, purpose and creative vision, they have the power to transform society. Film allows new concepts, ideas and subcultures to be brought to the attention of a mainstream audience. The film industries continued development is due to the undeniable power that the moving image can have over the audience.

FTFrames Ltd aim to change this relationship however, by focusing on the power that the audience can have over film.

"We believe that audiences should be at the heart of the film production process, forming a bond not only with the characters who they come to know and love, but also the people who bring those characters to life. Social media technology makes this level of audience/film interaction possible and through our project we aim to make interactive film production a reality"